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Poloplaz Polo 1K Waterborne Finish – 1 Gallon

Polo1K Finish Polo1K is a clear single component waterborne finish designed for extreme durability and ease of use. It offers

Basic Coatings XL Catalyst – 3 oz

Basic Coatings XL Catalyst Replacement XL Catalyst for Basic Coatings two component Water-based Finish like StreetShoe. 3oz replacements are good per one gallon of finish. Compatible With: StreetShoe

Bona Traffic HD Water Based Finish – 1 Gallon

Bona Traffic HD Bona Traffic HD is a 2-component waterborne topcoat for surface treating wooden floors in public areas with

Bona Mega Water Based Finish

Bona Mega – 1 Gallon Bona Mega is the revolutionary, oxygen-crosslinking, waterborne wood floor finish for use on heavy-traffic interior

WOCA Invisible 2K Ultra Matte – 5 Liter

WOCA Invisible 2K Ultra Matte – 5 Liter Invisible 2K is a high-quality water-based ultra-matte floor finish developed to give

Basic Coatings StreetShoe NXT Water Based Finish

Basic Coatings StreetShoe NXT Satin StreetShoe NXT Waterbased Wood Floor Finish with XL Catalyst is a waterbased system formulated especially for

DuraSeal Waterbased Poly – 1 Gallon

DuraSeal Waterbased Poly – 1 Gallon DuraSeal Water-based Polyurethane is a single component urethane for hardwood floors, and other wood

WOCA Optima – 5 Liter

Optima is a fast-drying, water-based floor finish that has been formulated to leave wood with a durable and resistant surface.

WOCA Advanced XP 2K – 4.5 Liter

Advanced XP 2K is a water-based, two-component floor finish remarkable for its extremely high resistance to black heel marks, scratches

Masterline Waterbased Polyurethane – 5 Gallons

Masterline Water Based Polyurethane is a single component, durable wood floor finish suitable for residential and commercial uses. Single Component

Basic Coatings Acrylic Test Kit

Basic Coatings Acrylic Test Kit Quickly identifies whether an acrylic finish is present on Hardwood Floors. Instructions: 1. Find an

Bona Traffic HD Naturale 1 Quart Mix Bottle

Bona Traffic Naturale Mix Bottle Bona Traffic Naturale Mix Bottle. This is a 32oz bottle that aids in mixing Traffic,