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Powernail Powercleat 20 Gauge L-Cleat HD Cleat Nails – Case of 5,000

20 GA. Powercleats are made of a thinner gauge steel. This thinner nail design is necessary for the installation of

Bostitch MIII Staples 15.5GA, 2″L x 1/2″Crown

MIIIFS Staples Made specifically for use with MIIIFS Staplers 1/2″ Crown 2″ Leg Length Qty: 7,728 Coated Finish

Bostitch SX50351G Staples

Sturdy staples ideal for multiple tasks Large amount good for big projects Staples have 18-gallon narrow crowns Fits Bostitch S32SX,

Bostitch SX50351-1/4G Staples

Coated finish eases penetration and increases holding power Chisel point preserves the appearance of the work surface Quantity: 3,000 finish

Bostitch SX50351-3/8G Staples

18-gauge narrow crown finish staple Box of 3,000 staples 7/32-inch crown, 1-3/8-inch galvanized staple Compatible with a variety of staplers

Spotnails 15 Gage Angle Brads – 4000 Count

Spotnails Angle Brads Specifications: Bright: These nails have no coating to protect the steel and are more likely to corrode

Hitachi 15 Gauge, 1-3/4″ Electro Galvanized Angled Finish Nails (1000)

These nails are great for indoor use, especially on trim and molding. These will leave small holes that should be

1″ 18 Gauge 7/32″ Crown Galvanized Staples (5000)

18 Gauge 1″ 7/32″ Crown Professional Grade 5000 Staples per box

Powernail PowerStaples 20 Gauge 13/32″ Divergent Point Carpet Pad Staples (5000 Pack)

13/32″ Crown Staple 3/8″ Divergent Point Powerstaples Compatible with Powernail HT-11 Hammer Tacker and the HT-BL11 Hammer Tacker

Powernail PowerStaples 2″ 15.5 Gage With 1/2 Crown -Case Of 7,700

Now you can get flooring staples with the strength and holding power you need to build a floor you can

Powernail PowerStaples 1-1/2″ 15.5 Gage with 1/2 Crown -Case of 5,000

Now you can get flooring staples with the strength and holding power you need to build a floor you can

Hitachi 18 Gauge, 1-1/2″ Electro Galvanized Angled Finish Staples (1000)

Finish staples are generally used for projects involving trim or molding, and work particularly well when you need to fix