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deb stoko® Kresto® Special ULTRA Hand Cleanser – 250 mL

deb stoko® Kresto® Special ULTRA Hand Cleanser – 250 mL Astopon® natural scrubbing agent gently removes contaminants without damaging the

Hitachi 15 Gauge Nailer with Air Duster

The integrated air duster can be used to clear away debris and dust from the work surface in preparation for
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Powernail Powercleat 20 Gauge L-Cleat HD Cleat Nails – Case of 5,000

20 GA. Powercleats are made of a thinner gauge steel. This thinner nail design is necessary for the installation of

Bostitch MIII Staples 15.5GA, 2″L x 1/2″Crown

MIIIFS Staples Made specifically for use with MIIIFS Staplers 1/2″ Crown 2″ Leg Length Qty: 7,728 Coated Finish

Powernail Steel Staple Pusher for all 445FS Model-Pneumatic 15.5-Gauge Flooring Staplers

Powernail Steel Staple Pusher for all 445FS-Model Pneumatic 15.5-Gauge Flooring Stapler (Part #09-44529329) The Powernail Steel Staple Pusher (Part #09-44529329)

Powernail 2000F Pneumatic 20 Gauge Cleat Nailer

The next generation from Powernail is engineered and designed with performance in mind. The re-designed FLEX Foot offers a simpler

Bostitch MIIIFS 15.5 GA Pneumatic Floor Stapler

MIIIFS Stapler This stapler is engineered for high-speed fastening of hardwood flooring using mallet actuated pneumatic operation. It features an

Bostitch SX50351G Staples

Sturdy staples ideal for multiple tasks Large amount good for big projects Staples have 18-gallon narrow crowns Fits Bostitch S32SX,

Bostitch SX50351-1/4G Staples

Coated finish eases penetration and increases holding power Chisel point preserves the appearance of the work surface Quantity: 3,000 finish

Bostitch SX50351-3/8G Staples

18-gauge narrow crown finish staple Box of 3,000 staples 7/32-inch crown, 1-3/8-inch galvanized staple Compatible with a variety of staplers

Dewalt 2 in 1 Flooring Tool

DWFP12569 This 2 in 1 tool has a long ergonomic handle to help you drive 15.5GA Staples & 16GA L-cleats

Powernail HT-BL11 20 Gage Manual Hammer Tacker

The HT-BL11 is an all-purpose hammer tacker. Specifications: Uses 3/8″, 5/16″, and 1/4″ A-11 Series PowerStaples or Duo Fast staples.