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Padco Floor Finish And Trim Pad

Works with the Padco Finish and Trim Handle Padco’s Finish & Trim Pad is great for waterborne, oil modified, and

Padco Finish And Trim Pad & Handle

Pad can be replaced with 6″, 8″ or 10″ pads Padco’s Floor Finish & Trim Pad is great for waterborne,

Duratool DuraFoam 18″ Floor Coater Sleeve

18″ T-Bar Floor Finish Applicator Sleeves are used to apply water based hardwood floor finishes. Use with Padco Professional Floor

Bona Microfiber Roller Cover 9″

Bona Microfiber roller is used for easy application and uniformity of waterborne finishes.

Bona Swivel Head Floor Coater

The perfect tool for fast and even “snowplow” application of sealers and finishes. Rust-proof PVC head-handle swivels 180 degrees. For

Bona 24″ Floor Coater Sleeve

This coater sleeve is compatible with Bona’s 24″ Swivel Head Coater.

Bona Cut-In Pad 4″ x 9″ Refill

Bona 4″ x 9″ Cut-In Pad Refill Ideal for staining, sealing and finishing, this large 4″ x 9″ flocked foam

Duratool Foam Trim Handle And Pad

Duratool’s Durafoam Trim Pad is great for applying finishes to small spaces and corners. It comes with an adjustable handle

Basic Coatings Lightweight T-Bar Applicator – 18″

Recommended for the application of water based sealers and finishes. Weighted for consistent and even coverage. Swivels for easy maneuvering.

Freedom Industries Carpet Buffer Brush – 16″ Stain Applicator

This buffer brush allows you to apply stain quickly and easily without ever getting on your knees. Made of 100%

Duratool Floor Trim Pad Refill – 6″

Replacement for use with compatible Duratool trim handles(8306 & 8909) Duratool’s Durafoam Trim Pad is great for applying finishes to

Wooster 3/8″ Pile Super Doo-Z Roller Brush

Wooster’s Super Doo-Z Roller Brush is recommended for use on semi-smooth surfaces with any paint or enamel.