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Padco Floor Finish And Trim Pad

Works with the Padco Finish and Trim Handle Padco’s Finish & Trim Pad is great for waterborne, oil modified, and

Padco Finish And Trim Pad & Handle

Pad can be replaced with 6″, 8″ or 10″ pads Padco’s Floor Finish & Trim Pad is great for waterborne,

Padco T-Bar Floor Coater Pad Refill – 18″

Nylfoam applies smooth, lint-free finish to wood, resilient, concrete, tile, and slate floors. These applicators are great for use with

5/8″ Hardwood Flooring Spline 5/8″ x 36 inch (10 Pack)

5/8″ Spline Wood spline is a long, thin strip of wood that acts as a splice between two planks. It

Wooster 1/4″ Nap Mohair Blend Roller Brush

Wooster’s Mohair Blend Roller Brush is recommended for use on smooth surfaces with any paint, enamel, varnish, urethane, or epoxy.

Bona Microfiber Roller Cover 9″

Bona Microfiber roller is used for easy application and uniformity of waterborne finishes.

Bona Swivel Head Floor Coater

The perfect tool for fast and even “snowplow” application of sealers and finishes. Rust-proof PVC head-handle swivels 180 degrees. For

Bona 24″ Floor Coater Sleeve

This coater sleeve is compatible with Bona’s 24″ Swivel Head Coater.

Bona Roller Handle Kit

Bona Roller Kit Bona Roller Handle Complete with Bona Roller Cover and adapter

Bona Cut-In Pad 4″ x 9″ Refill

Bona 4″ x 9″ Cut-In Pad Refill Ideal for staining, sealing and finishing, this large 4″ x 9″ flocked foam

Bona Stainless Steel Trowel – 10.5″

Wood handle, 10.5″ stainless steel trowel for filler. The right combination of rigidity and flexibility to smoothly apply filler for

Duratool Foam Trim Handle And Pad

Duratool’s Durafoam Trim Pad is great for applying finishes to small spaces and corners. It comes with an adjustable handle